Thursday, March 7, 2013

Explore with dr.quantum through super positioning of atoms, entanglement and flatland!
If you've read my entry involving super positioning of atoms, telepathy and the imaginal realm then this video will give you a better understanding of it. But either way, watch it

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The big bang

Amelia Taylor
The Big Bang
Has the universe been around forever? Evidence has strongly suggested no. Observations like cosmic background radiation and cosmic inflation have caused scientists to formulate the big bang theory. The big bang theory is probably the most mysterious and intriguing theory that physics has pointed in the direction of. It regards the birth of the universe, where everything came from. The “beginning of time”.
The big bang theory states that 13.7 billion years ago, the universe started from a point that had zero volume called a singularity. At this point it was infinitely hot and it possessed an infinite amount of energy, and then it “banged”. After one millionth of a second, all matter was created. It was evenly spread throughout the new universe. Then, certain areas became denser, possibly due to fluctuations in the quantum field. They pulled in more matter due to the pull of gravity. The first atomic nuclei formed 3 minutes after the bang, and after 400 million years, the first galaxies.
There is actually not enough detectable matter in the universe to influence gravity to make matter clump together to form today’s universe in the time period of 13.7 billion years. The missing matter is called “dark matter”. It’s invisible because it doesn’t show up when light hits hit like ordinary matter does. There’s 7 times as much dark matter in the universe as there is normal matter. We know it’s there because it’s gravitational pull bends the light path of stars.
There is incredible evidence for the big bang called cosmic background radiation. When the big bang banged, it was very bright and hot. That light is forever in our universe, and has since cooled to 2.7 degrees above absolute zero, making it the coldest thing in our universe. It’s no longer visible and is detected as microwaves. The cosmic background radiation that we first detected in 1965 was from the very beginning of the universe when matter was smooth. Because matter was smooth, the light around it was smooth and so we detected it as smooth. Then, in the early 90’s we detected fluctuations in the cosmic background radiation. This was the light traveling to us from when matter first started to fluctuate and clump together.
Another strong point supporting the big bang theory is that the universe is constantly getting bigger. The whole universe has been expanding ever since it first banged. We know this because every star and planet and galaxy in the universe is being pushed away from each other at a gradually speeding rate. No matter what point in space you are, everything around you is moving away from you. The universe is “inflating”. If it’s always getting bigger, then we come to the conclusion that it must have been smaller in the past. If we view the universe in rewind we would see it getting smaller and smaller until it collapsed into a singularity.
The universe is expanding faster than it has the energy to do so. The universe requires a certain amount of mass to counteract gravity in order to not be overcomed by it. This needed amount is called critical mass. All of the physical matter and dark matter in the universe only adds to ⅓ of the critical mass. The missing energy is called “dark energy”. It is very mysterious and fills all of “empty” space between the stars and planets and galaxies, the “dark stuff” in the sky. Because all energy has an effective mass, the dark energy ends up accounting for ⅔ of the critical mass. Everything pieces together, but it is still all a secret we are working to unveil.
When the universe banged into existence, it expanded very fast like an explosion. Then it cooled and the expansion slowed down, and has since been moving at the more slightly steady rate we see today. Because the universe is getting bigger, there is talk of it one day officially running out of steam. It would stop expanding, it would come to a halt and freeze.
This is just one of the ideas regarding the fate of the universe. A similar one called the big chill states that the universe would go on expanding forever even as everything in it dies out and becomes extinct. Another theory called the big crunch states that gravity will eventually overcome all other forces, causing cosmic inflation to reverse, collapsing the universe to a singularity. The last theory is called the big rip and states that dark energy will overcome gravity, causing the universe to dramatically expand, or tear apart.
Every part of our universe all came from a single point. You and everything around you came from a single point that expanded and is still technically one being. We are all connected. Everything is “entangled”. We were all born together in the big bang. Our consciousness, too, is one being. Consciousness is part of our universe, which means it came into existence with everything else in the big bang. Therefore we all share it. We are the part of the universe that “thinks”, we are the awareness of the universe. We get a chance to be fascinated by it and observe the world around us. Our “thoughts” take no physical form but they’re obviously there. We don’t share separate consciousnesses, we share the one that banged into existence with everything else. Nothing in the universe is separate. It’s all one thing that exploded into being and has been cooling, expanding and evolving ever since.
We have no idea what banged, how it banged, where it banged or what was before it banged. All we know is that it banged. We call it the universe and we’re living in it and it’s beautiful. We live in a wonderland of ever unraveling mysteries that will fascinate and shock us if we choose to explore. Our universe truly is a magnificent, complex and amazing place.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Consciousness and the Physical World.

  • January 17th, 2013

    Our Consciousness and the Physical World

    By Amelia Taylor

    Table of Contents

    Super Positioning of Atoms............................................................................................................................................1
    Quantum Computers and the Many Worlds Theory............................................................................................................................................7
    The Secret Law of Attraction and the Imaginal realm..............................................................................................................................................8
    Quantum Coins and Telepathy.....................................................................................................................................12
    Consciousness and the Big Bang............................................................................................................................................17


    Everyone should gain awareness of the law of attraction. It's the very law that drives me, and quantum theory is the basis behind it all.
    Once you get down to a level so microscopic, what do you have? Infinite possibilities.
    I suppose we can start with Young’s double slit experiment.

    Super Positioning of Atoms
    Imagine a square metal sheet with two identical parallel slits like this:

    A scientist has a mini machine gun. The machine gun has an opening so small, that a only single photon of light fits through it. They are using this gun to shoot photons at the metal sheet, and they are only shooting one photon at a time (this is hard to imagine, because millions and millions of photons are released when you turn on a light. For simplicity, imagine every photon as a single yellow pellet). They are firing the yellow pellets one by one at the metal sheet, and each pellet passes through one of it's slits. They place a white sheet behind the metal sheet, on which the yellow pellets land.
    Let’s step away from this experiment for a moment and consider the following;
    If you were to shine a bright light source at the parallel slits in the metal sheet, what would
    you see on the white sheet behind it? The answer is you would see a pattern made up of light that resembles a supermarket bar code. There are stripes of light, alternating with stripes where no light hit. It's called an interference pattern. Let me explain this effect;
    Light is made up of tiny bullet-like particles called photons. When you turn on a light source, millions of photons are emitted out into the air. A phenomenon discovered along the road of quantum physics revealed that every particle exhibits wave-particle duality. This means that all particles behave like waves. An image of a wave and an image of a particle are two images that seem opposite to us. One is an image of tiny, defined pellets. The other is an image of a rippling plane spreading throughout the air. The idea of something being described by both seemed impossible at first, but today this fact is well known and accepted. Over time, scientists discovered that some of the effects of light, such as interference, polarization, and diffraction, could only be explained in terms of waves. The photoelectric effect can only be explained in terms of particles. Reflection and refraction can be explained in terms of both particles and waves.
    When you shine a light source at the metal sheet, there are millions of photons shooting at it. Because of wave-particle duality, you could also say that when you shine a light source at the metal sheet, a big wave is sent out from it towards the sheet that represents the behavior of the millions of photons. The big wave that you send out from your light source meets the slits in the metal sheet which cause it to then split into two, identical, smaller waves. Here is a birds-eye view of what this would look like:

    When there are 2 or more waves near each other, (like the two that result from the slits in
    the metal sheet), they interact with each other. A wave has peaks and troughs in it. When two waves meet, the peaks and troughs of the two different waves overlap. If the troughs of one wave overlap directly over the troughs of the other wave, then they reinforce each other (constructive). Here is a picture of two identical waves overlapping and reinforcing each other:
    If the two waves overlap and the troughs are directly under the peaks, then the two waves cancel each other out (destructive).  Here is a picture of two waves overlapping and cancelling each other out:

    The two identical waves that come through the slits in the metal sheet interact with each other. They reinforce each other in some areas, and cancel each other out in others. When the waves hit the white sheet, the pattern that appears is a bar code pattern. For simplicity, think of the places where there is no light as black, and the places where there is light as yellow. The
    pattern has stripes of yellow where the waves reinforced and black where the waves cancelled
    out. Here is what the pattern looks like:

    Now that you understand the phenomenon of interference, let’s go back to our original experiment. We are shooting individual yellow pellets (photons) one at a time at a metal sheet with two parallel slits in the middle, with a white sheet placed behind it. Imagine each pellet getting fired one at a time, passing through one of the slits, and landing on the white sheet. Imagine this happens over and over again, and slowly, the white sheet gets peppered with more and more yellow pellets, as they arrive one at a time. After millions of photons have been individually fired, you observe the white sheet. An interference pattern appears on it; the supermarket bar code. The very same  pattern that appears when you fire millions of photons at once, also appears when you fire them one at a time. There are stripes where lots of pellets landed, (the yellow) and stripes where no pellets ever landed at all (the black). How can this be?
    The barcode is a result of the the big wave from your light source splitting into two, identical, smaller waves that interact with each other. In order for the interference pattern to appear, there must be a wave coming from the right slit, and another coming through the left slit. There must be two waves.
    So, how did we get an interference pattern when we were firing one photon at a time? We assume that if we are only shooting one photon at a time, then only one of the slits would have something passing through it. The one photon that we shoot should either pass through the left slit, or the right slit. When it passes through a slit, only one wave should come out of the other side. Obviously there should not be two waves. There should be no interference pattern in  the end, but, there is. Welcome to the quantum weirdness that the facts of physics are pointing us in the direction of.
    Every photon that we individually shoot at the metal sheet “chooses” a place to land on the white sheet. In the end, many photons have chosen the same places to land (the yellow stripes) and there are places where no photons ever went, (the black stripes). One may say that it's as if each photon knows where the other photons are going to go! But that is not quite the case. Atoms and their like can do remarkable things.
    • They can know about each other faster than the speed of light no matter where they are (which would be like you knowing my thoughts at this very moment).
    • They can jump apparently impenetrable barriers (the equivalent of you jumping a 5-meter high wall).
    • They can perform multiple tasks at once (comparable to you going to work and watching TV at home simultaneously).
    • They can be in more than one place at once (like you being in London and Los Angeles at the same time).
    The double slit experiment is a demonstration of the last 2 phenomenons described. The single photon that you shoot at the metal screen knows on it's way there that it has 2 choices of where to go. It knows it can either go through the right slit, or the left slit. The photon decides to do both. It doubles itself, and performs two different tasks simultaneously. It goes through the left slit, and it goes through the through right slit simultaneously.  Imagine if you decided to turn left and turn right at the same time. You would have to split into two people in order to perform the two different tasks! That is exactly what the photon does. It splits into two photons (that are technically the same one). One photon goes through the left slit, one goes through the right slit, two separate waves are created to represent the two different behaviors, the two waves interfere, thus creating the interference pattern we see on the white sheet. Phenomenon explained!
    So, where is this second photon that magically pops into existence? Can we ever see the photon doubling itself and going through both slits at once? The answer is “no”. The quantum behavior of the photon is never observed directly, we can only observe its effect on our environment (which would be the interference pattern on the white sheet). So if we decide to watch the photon go through the slits, what would we see? We would see something that is hard to make sense of. Let's set up detectors at each slit that will carefully detect which slit each photon we fire goes through.
    Again we fire photons one at a time at the slits. We detect that some decide to go through the left, and some go through the right. In the end, the photons have peppered the white screen in many different random places. There is no interference pattern this time.
    So one has to ask, where did the experiment change? Why are we getting different results? We fired photons one by one and got an interference pattern. We then did the same exact thing, but we set up sensors that detected which slit each photon goes through, and then, no interference pattern!
    Well, the fact is, the only time weird quantum behavior takes an effect on our world, is when it has the privacy to do so. The photon doubled itself and went through both slits only when we had no sensors there. It was only when we had no way of telling what the photons doing that it decides to do weird wacky things. If you don't know whether its going through the right slit or the left slit, then it is going through both. The photon has an equal chance of going through the right slit as it does the left. So it doesn't choose between the two, it does both.
    Its when we observe an atom, or a photon, that it starts acting normal, and either goes through the right slit, or the left slit. It will only double itself, go through two slits, create two waves, and create the interference pattern if we are not observing it.The act of an atom or it's like displaying quantum behavior only when alone is called decoherence.

    Decoherence happens when the outside world gets to know about a small thing like an atom. An atom is so small, that there are roughly ten million atoms laid side by side to make up the width of a period in this text. Wherever there's an atom, there's most likely another atom next to it, someone looking at it, or an air molecule or a photon bouncing off of it. All of these things interacting with the atom are examples of the atom having an effect on the outside world, or the outside world having an effect on the atom. As soon as the atom makes an interaction with the outside world, it loses it's ability to be in many places at once or do many things at once. If an atom could be isolated from other atoms, air, light, and an observer...then, it could be in infinitely many places at once and be doing infinite things. An atom has an equal chance of being in the spot it is now as it does any other spot in the universe. When isolated, it doesn't choose a spot to be because the chances of it being in one spot over another are zero. But it is nearly impossible to isolate an atom.
    Imagine if decoherence did not exist. This would mean that you could observe every type of atom simultaneously being in every possible position in the universe. It is extremely difficult to imagine what this would be like. The spot your body is occupying right now would also be occupied by every type of atom in the universe, and they would be combining to make all sorts of things. They would be combining to make an infinite amount of basketballs and tables and flowers and bars of gold and stars and bodies etc, all occupying every point in space, all performing every task possible to perform.
    In a world where decoherence does not exist, you would observe matter spread evenly throughout the universe. All the different objects that the atoms are combining to make would all be overlapping each other as they occupy the same points in space. The foot of space in front of you would be occupied by every person in the universe and every object in the universe simultaneously.
    Decoherence does exist though. It forces atoms to choose where they're going to be when they come in contact with the outside world, and when they come in contact with you- the observer. Decoherence is what forces the atoms to combine to make one thing, sitting in one place. It's what forces the atoms in your world to settle and choose how they’re going to be positioned. The world around you is one possible positioning of atoms out of infinite possibilities. Because of decoherence, as far as you can observe, the objects around you are not in many places at once or many different things at once and neither are you.

    Quantum Computers and the Many Worlds Theory
    The many worlds theory is an explanation scientists have come up with that explains quantum computers. Quantum computers are made of isolated atoms that transfer information through qubits (instead of a regular computers "bits"). Qubits can exist as a 0 and a 1 at the same time. The biggest quantum computer we have today is made of 10 atoms, because that's how many we have successfully been able to isolate. Scientists drool at the idea of making a quantum computer bigger than this, because it would be more useful.
    Imagine if you asked a computer to solve a problem that would normally take it millions of years to calculate the answer to. But this is a quantum computer, so it can simultaneously work on every different part of the problem. It can split into an infinite amount of computers that each work on a separate part of the problem, then come together to compare results. Within seconds, it spits out an answer!
    Because the atoms doing the work are isolated, they are permitted to perform an infinite amount of tasks simultaneously. They literally split into a million or a zillion atoms, (that are all technically the same ten), all doing different tasks at once. They then interfere with each other to compare results, and come up with an answer for us.
    So, where are the vast multitudes of different places that the atoms go to in order to make their calculations? We don't see them doing it here, so where are they? Well, the many worlds theory, also known as the multiverse theory, suggests they are doing their calculations in separate realities!
    Remember the single photon we fired at the metal sheet? It performed both tasks of going through the right slit and the left slit. Where did it perform the two tasks? It performed them in separate universes. The two waves from the two tasks interfered, thus creating an effect on our environment (the interference pattern on the white sheet).
    So, if every type of atom is occupying every possible position in the universe, then how are we living out just one of these possibilities? The table, or chair, or paper you may be observing, is only in one place. YOU are only in one place. We know this is because of decoherence, it makes things snap into one position. But why are we experiencing this specific reality? Why this life? Why are you only conscious of this particular positioning of atoms? Why is your mind in this universe?

    Well, the many worlds theory suggests your mind is currently living out an infinite number of separate realities in separate universes. Not only are atoms in many places at once, your mind is too. Your mind is split into infinitely many minds, each observing different a possible positioning of atoms; a different reality. There is a reality where you are a professional dancer, and one where you have met your soul mate, and one where you are in prison. In each of these realities, you are experiencing the same level of awareness and sense of realness that you are now. Every one of these possible lives is just as real as the reality you are currently in, you just can't have one mind in multiple realities simultaneously. Your mind is limited to the positioning of atoms around you. In another universe, your mind is experiencing something totally different right now.

    The Law of Attraction and the Imaginal Realm
    So, this means that right now, in some alternate universe, you are living out your wildest dreams and you are happier than you could ever imagine, and that place is just as real as the place you're currently in. Maybe you are unhappy with the reality around you, and want to be in the one where you are reaching your goals. Imagine if you could just switch realities, if you could just go to the one you want to be in.
    The truth I've discovered is that you most definitely can. I don't mean you could just suddenly end up in a different reality. But, you can get there. With the law of attraction, you can choose which reality you want your future self to be in. Every possible future for yourself exists. If you are thinking about your future, something very real is happening there. Your thoughts are very real, they can be measured. They have an effect on your life. Your thoughts exist.
    Have you ever thought about where your thoughts exist? They are real. They're there. Your thinking something and its real because it's having an effect on you right now. Where are your thoughts being real? There's not some empty hole in your brain where there's a speaker saying your inner dialogue, or a screen where images of your thoughts are being projected.
    Imagine a shiny red balloon floating in a blue sky. Where is that scene taking place? You're not seeing it with your eyes, yet you can observe every aspect of it. You can imagine how smooth and red the balloon is. You can even imagine what the breeze carrying the balloon feels like. You can imagine the pop of the balloon, what it would sound like. You're thinking about it right now. How? Your brain is just a collection of atoms, it's just a hunk of matter. But thoughts aren't made of matter. Matter in your head seems to produce thoughts. Matter thinks. Where is the thinking getting done? We can't touch thoughts. Where is that red balloon? Well, it's in a sort of “4th dimension” that is beyond our 3 physical dimensions, called the imaginal realm, (term credited to Henry Corbin).
    The imaginal realm is where your thoughts are. It's where you focus on something, where you hold and alter your memories, where you get ideas from and where you extract useful information from to use in your life everyday. I paint a picture in my head of it as a completely separate ghostly world above us that holds every thought that's ever been thought and that ever will be thought by every person ever. All the different thoughts, including the ones entering your mind right now, hangout in this world. We look at this world when we imagine the red balloon, we hear this world when we imagine the balloon pop. But we don't see it with our eyes or hear it with our ears, we hear and see it with our minds.
    The imaginal realm is a very real place. Throughout your life, you have grown and been conditioned to think a certain way. You have only observed so much of what the imaginal realm has to offer. Only so many thoughts have entered your mind so far, and a lot of them have repeatedly entered your mind. You have stayed in a certain zone of this realm that defines the way you think and judge your surroundings. If you are generally thinking negative thoughts, then you are generally in one, negative zone of the imaginal realm, that is always sending your mind negative thoughts. The negative part of the imaginal realm is all you typically explore.
    All three physical dimensions (up-down, left-right, and forward-backward) work together to make up the world around us. So too does the imaginal realm. It is always working together with the 3 physical dimensions to make up the world around you. When you are thinking; when you are tapped into the imaginal realm, that is an example of thoughts interacting with the physical dimensions (matter-your brain) to makeup reality (how you perceive your surroundings). Thoughts (non-physical) are interacting with your brain (physical). Without the imaginal realm, the first 3 dimensions would have nothing to work with so that they are perceived by you. There would be no consciousness, and the physical world might as well be nothing, for nothing would be aware of, or perceiving it's existence.
    Thoughts have an effect on a lot more than just your brain and how you perceive the physical world. They can also effect your body. People who are often thinking negative or stressful thoughts get ulcers and tumors. If the negative thoughts (non-physical) weren't there, then the body (physical) wouldn't have developed ulcers. Clearly, thoughts have an effect on the physical world, even though they themselves take no physical form. Without the imaginal realm, you would have no tool to perceive and judge your world. You would just be a hunk of matter.
    You may be asking yourself, "What does all this have to do with choosing which reality my future self will be in? Didn't you mention something about going to your ideal reality?". Let me explain...
    When you envision the future you are using  the law of attraction. The law works because of the imaginal realms ability to interact with the physical world. When you expect something, you feel as if you know it's going to happen. You know your beds going to be in your room when you go home tonight. You know your dog will be happy to see you, etc. We all have expectations for how our life will go. We expect the world to have lots of problems, we expect to face problems in our own life.
    When you know/expect something's going to happen, you are thinking. There is a thought in your head regarding future events. Your expectations may not ever be at the forefront of your mind, but you still have a general idea somewhere of how things are gonna go. "This is gonna be hard". "This is gonna be fun". Whatever. You may not be actually focusing on these expectations but they still exist, all the time, in every person's mind.
    When you expect something, you are picturing something that is going to take place in the future physical world. It's just a thought now, there's nothing physical about it. But as soon as you get to the point in time that you had expectations for, that's when something non-physical becomes something physical. For example, lets say you expect today to be hard. At this point, your expectations are just non-physical thoughts from the imaginal realm floating in your mind. Your day is now over and it was hard. At this point, your expectations have taken form in the physical world. This is another example of something non-physical (expectations) having an effect on something physical (the future world). Another example of the imaginal realm working together with our  three dimensions to make up reality. Only in this case, it's the future reality.
    The imaginal realm works together with our present, past, and future physical world to makeup reality. And every possible reality exists. We "contact" a certain reality by expecting it. a positioning of atoms is determined for the future state of a reality based on the expectations of the mind living in it. In other words, you live in the life that makes the most sense to you.
    This idea is extremely hard for most people to accept. We assume the future is completely out of our control. We assume that the way we think now has no real effect on how future events are laid out. Those who believe in a predetermined fate are believing in a lie. The truth is that we create our own fate. Many have been conditioned to think that the events of the world are going to lay out the way they may, and we just have to cope with the crazy ups and downs of it all, and we have no real control over what's gonna happen in our life. Many believe a big man named god has a plan for everybody and you might like your plan or you might not but we just have to accept it. This is so wrong. But I do not blame those who think this way, for they have no way of knowing that it is wrong. They have not opened their minds to certain parts of the imaginal realm that regard what the realm is and how we can use it.
    Recall how I talked about there being infinitely many realities, each with a different positioning of atoms. Sometimes the difference is only slight between two realities, sometimes it is drastic. Sometimes the realities are exactly the same up until a certain point. But the fact is, every possible reality exists. That means there is a reality where you are in Egypt, one where you are sailing, one where you are a stripper, etc. You  have the same sense of awareness that you do now in each of these realities.
    Every future for yourself exists. So, this is a bit unsettling for the people who believe they have no control over their future. "If every possible future for myself exists," they may ask themselves, "then that means there's one where a tiger jumps in through my window right now, and one where I get a disease, and one where there'll be a psycho clown in my room tonight , and one where the world ends tomorrow!" They may assume that they have an equal chance of entering each one of these realities as they do entering one where they live a happy, long life.
    Well, they don't. The reason is their expectations. The reason is the imaginal realms ability to affect the future physical world. Our life lays out in an expected manner. Sure we do things we don't expect to do, and things happen to us that we don't expect, but that is only because we tend to expect the unexpected. But we only do this to a certain degree. We expect our lives to have a lot of unexpected events, ups and downs, and we leave it kinda open ended, so that's how it goes. But for the most part, we don't expect the extremely unexpected (e.g. tigers randomly jumping through windows, psycho clowns, etc.) to happen, so, for the most part, it doesn't.
    You have officially discovered that you have complete control over your life and how. Congratulations! You live in a very fortunate reality! So, the first thing to do is define what your expectations truly consist of. Do you ever tell yourself, "I'm failing", "I'm in debt", "people don't like me", "I'm poor", "I'm ugly", "life is hard", "people are mean", "people are stupid" etc...? If you do this consistently, then that means you are subconsciously expecting reality to be a place where life is hard, you’re a poor ugly failure, and stupid mean people don't like you. Therefore, you are interfering with a future physical reality where this is the case, and that reality is the one you live as long as you keep your negative mind state.
    Now that you understand this, the next thing to do is decide what kind of world you want to live in. If you could wave a magic wand and live any life you want, which life would you live? Spend a bit of time thinking about this, so you have a set image of it. My ideal reality is a place where I am living somewhere beautiful, I am applying my talents, I
    have great friends and am always making more, I have exciting times, and I live comfortably. Every morning when I wake up, I make these my expectations for the day. The more I have thought this way, the more true it has become. I cannot stress how drastic a change I saw in my life once I set my expectations for the world to be a place where I am happy. I truly am now living in my ideal reality. And I can say with full confidence that I have manifested it through my thoughts.
    Don't worry that bad things will always happen to you if you let yourself think about them. It is a fact that positive thoughts have a stronger measurement than negative thoughts, so therefore the positive thoughts you have are more likely to affect your future then the negative thoughts, even if the positive ones seem less frequent.
    Quantum Coins and Telepathy
    Have you ever thought about how people who may be on opposite sides of the world may have the same ways of thinking? Ever wondered why every ancient culture each had their idea of a god or of spiritualism and why they're all quite similar? These cultures may have never come in contact with each other, yet the very same thoughts have entered their minds. I would say this is due to the imaginal realm. This realm is a place that holds all the thoughts, and each individual uses it. The separate cultures are thinking separate similar thoughts, and they're similar because they were all one thought to begin with, in the imaginal realm. It was one thought in the realm and it was contacted by the minds of separate individuals in separate places.
    I was on Fred Alan Wolf's website reading his interview about what dreams are "made of". He started talking about this ancient culture called the Aborigines who lived in Australia. Every individual in this tribe was very close to each other like one big family. They thought of themselves as so close, in fact, that they believed they all shared common mind. This kind of thinking brought the consciousness of the members of the tribe together. Imagine like you and your best friend were so close that you shared each others thoughts and could exchange or receive information by communicating with your thoughts. This is how the Aborigine people thought. They imagined that they were in separate bodies but they're minds/consciousness all existed in a common realm. What they were talking about was the imaginal realm. They got so good at using a common part of the imaginal realm where they all receive their thoughts from that they developed a level of telepathy between the tribe members. This development of telepathy is thought of as an adaptation for survival because it was of aid to the Aborigine people. If a tribe member was in trouble then another tribe member would receive that information telepathically. They would instantly know and would go save them.
    Today, this adaptation does not exist to the extent it used to because we don't really need it anymore. The Aborigine people are not around anymore and their use of telepathy was not carried on. Today, if we are in trouble, we don't send telepathic waves to a friend telling them to come save us. Instead, we use a cellphone to call 911. The use of telepathy is not practical anymore as a communication system because we have technology. But telepathy still exists today.
    One place is exists is in entangled atoms. Atoms possess something called a "spin". You don't really need to know what this means, all you need to know is that an atom can either be spinning clockwise or anticlockwise. If two atoms, or photons, etc,  were born "entangled", this means that they were born together and that their spins balance each other out perfectly, (one spins left one spins right). They are connected and will forever be connected, like two twin babies.  Remember when I mentioned qubits, (atoms that are isolated from the environment and from an observer, used to send information in a quantum computer), and how they simultaneously represent a 0 and 1? Well entangled atoms, or "quantum coins" are quite the same. When isolated, they represent a clockwise spin and an anti clockwise spin at the same time. In other words, when you don't know whether the atom is spinning left or right, then it is
    spinning both ways. Also, remember the atoms balance each other out and always will. This means that when you’re looking at them, one must be spinning right and the other left. You would
    never see  them both spinning right or both spinning left.
    Lets take the entangled pair of atoms and separate them from each other. We'll put one in Tokyo, and one in New York. Now remember, these quantum coins may be very far apart, but they will forever remain entangled, forever in perfect balance. Also, remember that when you’re not looking at the coins, they represent both an anticlockwise, and a clockwise spin simultaneously.
    Lets take a look at the coin in Tokyo. When you look at it, you are making an interaction with it. It will instantly pick up on the fact that you are watching it, and will snap into a regular state and show normal behavior. You wouldn't ever see it spinning both clockwise and anticlockwise at the same time. When you look at it, it decides whether it's going to spin right, or left. This is a normal effect of decoherence.
    The crazy thing  about an entangled pair is that they forever know about each other. They were born together in perfect balance and will forever remain in perfect balance. When you look at the coin in Tokyo, lets say it snaps into a state where it starts spinning right. Since the pair must always balance out, that means that the atom in New York will have to be spinning left. When you aren't looking at the coins, each coin has a 50% chance of spinning right when you check on it and a 50% chance of spinning left. Whatever direction one happens to be spinning in when you look at it, you know the other must be spinning in the opposite direction.
    This is phenomenon is spectacular. This is huge! What this means is that the two coins are always aware of each other. They possess telepathic-like properties that allows them to forever hold the knowledge of each other's state. If the coins are both exposed and the one in Tokyo is spinning left, it is doing that because it knows that the other coin in New York was checked on and is spinning right. The best part about this phenomenon is the fact that it happens with no time delay. Once you check on one coin and it snaps into either left or right spin, the second coin snaps into the opposite spin instantaneously. This is the only place in nature where you can find something that travels faster than the speed of light. The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. But the speed of the information of the physical state of the first coin traveling from it to the second coin is infinite.
    Another place where telepathy still exists today is inside all of us. Have you ever had a really close friend, lover or relative who you start to hang around so much, you two feel as if you read each other's mind's every once in awhile? Maybe you have someone in your life who is very close to you. You two are very connected and open with each other. Quite often, and from completely out of the blue, you have the same topic or idea pop into our heads at the exact same time. The topic or idea is most often completely unrelated to anything around you or what you have been talking about. Also, you often pick up our phones to call or text each other just to say hello at the exact same time. Maybe there have been multiple instances where they has had either a big experience or realization that you didn't yet hear about, and you will  have a dream that night relating to thier experience or realization.
    What I believe is happening here is that you and your mate are spending so much time
    together that you have developed extremely similar outlooks on life and how to live it. Therefore, you are most likely using quite similar thought processes as we go about your daily lives, making judgments and decisions and what not. So, if you are in the same general zone of the way you think and live, then that means you are extracting thoughts and information from the same general zone of the imaginal realm. If both your minds are sharing a common zone of the imaginal realm, then the chances of you extracting the same thought at the same time from it, or of you sending information to each other through it are quite high compared to two people whose ways of thinking are not similar at all.
    There is not information that is being sent across some vast distance when you and your mate have a telepathic experience, even if your are hours away from each other. The common information that we both have in our minds doesn't have to travel any distance at all to get to the two of us. This is because the thought that is being  transmitted into both of  our minds came from a common place. It wasn't brewed up in her head and then sent to mine. It came from the place where all thoughts come from. When you both receive the same information from the imaginal realm you interpret this as having a telepathic experience. If you are far apart while you have a telepathic experience, one may assume that the thought had to travel far to get from their head to your head or vise versa. This is not so. The thought simply traveled from the imaginal realm; a "4th dimension" that exists everywhere, straight into your brains. There is no concept of distance in this realm. An analogy credited to David Bohm may help you understand this:
    Imagine a rectangular fish tank with one fish in it.
    The fish is swimming back and forth from one end of the tank to the other.


    There is a camera placed in front of the square wall on one end of the fish tank, called camera 1. There is another camera facing one of the long walls on the adjacent side of the fish tank called camera 2.

    Camera 1 is recording the fishes head grow bigger as it swims towards it, then flip, and the tail grow smaller as it swims away
    Camera 2 is recording the fish swim to the left end of the tank, flip, and then swim to the right

    The room the fish is in represents the imaginal realm. Camera 1 and camera 2 represent the minds of two different people. So person 1 is receiving the information head-tail, head-tail, while person 2 is receiving the information left-right, left-right. If the two people were to compare their information, they would say "Hey, right-left and head-tail seem to have a lot to do with each other. There must be some sort of psychic communication between head-tail and left-right". They would think there are two separate ideas that have a connection to each other. They wouldn't understand that there is just one thing. They wouldn't understand that they are both looking at the same thing from different angles. They are seeing 2 sides of the same fish, just like many see the same idea in their two separate minds.

    Consciousness and the Big Bang
    So, why do we all share this realm? It's a place that each individual's mind is using at every moment in order to perceive and judge the world around them. It's a place we get new ideas from to help our minds and way of living evolve. But why is the imaginal realm what it is- a commonplace that we each use?
    All energy that ever has and ever will exist came into being all at once 13.8 billion years ago in the big bang. Everyone you know, everything that you can think of, everything you see and touch, was all together as one in the big bang. We and this whole universe was once compacted to a spec smaller than you could imagine and possessing an infinite amount of energy. Then the universe expanded, gravitational variations started to happen which caused matter to start clumping together to form galaxies and what not. Eventually certain atoms mixed to create a life form, and then evolution happened and now, you’re here. We were once one and are all technically still one being. You, and everything around you, is connected. It's all one thing that banged 13.8 billion years ago. The “empty” space between objects is an illusion that we perceive as separation between things. But there truly is no separation here in our universe.
    So, if all physical matter and energy is one being, then wouldn't it make sense to come to the conclusion that consciousness is too? The big bang discusses how all the energy we have in our universe and how our 3 dimensions suddenly burst into being. But, it does not mention consciousness. It simply regards the physical aspects of our universe. It does not mention the fact that some parts of the thing that banged can think. Consciousness could not be some random thing from nowhere that plopped into our universe way after the big bang because that's when humans needed it. Consciousness, the “imaginal realm”, has been here since the dawn of existence, just like everything else. It just wasn't until way after the big bang that it finally gained a known purpose when humans were here to use it.
    So, this explains why the imaginal realm is a common place rather than something that is separated among individuals. Each person's mind does not get their own separate little thought machine. Nothing in the universe is separate. We all were once compact into a tiny point, and our universe has just been spreading and evolving and becoming more diverse as it ages. The connection between us all and the universe around us will always be here. The consciousnesses of every thinker is all one connected being as well. It will always be shared between matter that possesses the ability to think. It is one thing that exists in all of our minds. It will forever be connected to every last bit of the universe, just like your body and every star out there is.
    Everything in this universe affects everything, like ripples in a pond. Consciousness affects our universe in ways most people can't wrap their heads around. The imaginal realm is a community pool of ideas that every mind is swimming in. The imaginal realm has such an effect on everything around us, that when we use it to fantasize about reaching our goals, the act of fantasizing actually aids us in ending up where we want to be. The way we use the imaginal realm is what makes our life and our perception of the universe what it is. One has to come to the conclusion that consciousness and the physical world unavoidably go hand in hand. One always, in someway, has quite an effect on the other.